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Welcome to the

Manawaru Heritage Centre

Our History ..... Our Legacy

The Manawaru Heritage Centre was the vision of David Bay who founded the Manawaru Historical Society in 2011. 


It is the mission of the Manawaru Heritage Centre to provide a space for the display of local interest items and use them to tell stories and explain the importance of Manawaru history, especially in dairying on a national stage.

The Centre will help preserve and record histories from local families, so the knowledge of a generation cannot be lost. 


Situated on the stretch of the Hauraki Rail Trail, between  Te Aroha and Matamata, The Manawaru Heritage Centre is set in the south end of the  Community View complex.  Based in the historic Manawaru dairy factory,  the complex also includes Cafe 77 and the Community View Rock Climbing Wall, Event Centre and Campervan Park.


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